Monday, September 11, 2006

Review: Dewey's Pizza

I wanted to take a minute to recognize Dewey's Pizza, a local chain that I believe originates out of Cincinnati. Their gourmet pizzas are incredible (even without cheese, for those of us who don't eat dairy) and the staff at our local Dewey's is always great! Places usually cringe when they see a gaggle of small children, but the folks at Dewey's have always treated us well, even going out of their way to entertain the kids. Our oldest likes to watch the guys make the pizza.

But perhaps just as importantly, they always have a great draft brew selection. I see a lot of beers on tap that I can't get anywhere else in the area. There's always a seasonal Rogue, Arcadia, and Bell's (Bell's porter is on my list of best beers). In addition, there's always at least one rotating tap. I've seen Allagash and Barrel House selections, and last week, they were serving one of my favorites--Victory Hop Devil IPA. It was the first time I've had it on tap and it was incredible. So, although this is a little cliched, kudos to Dewey's for getting it right.


Anonymous said...

No, there is nothing better than Dewey's, so kudos away. I do wish though they would bring back the Black Cat and Witches Brew, bottled, but I am guessing those were once in a lifetime about 8yrs ago Dewey's experiences.

Anonymous said...

Ate there last night after the yearly concert event at the fairgrounds that brings all of dayton's cleanest and most upstanding citizens. Had the hop devil and Rogue red seasonal as well as some pizza with olive oil, cheese, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, green pepper, jalapenos, topped off with ranch dressing. All was quite tasty, especially the hop devil.