Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Update: Boston's IS the most arrogant!

Just found out that Boston's Bistro has taken the title of Most Arrogant Bar (Pub)! I thought we were just competing for the Ohio title, but it turns out we took the whole US by storm. So, for the next year, Boston's will be known as the Most Arrogant Pub in the US! More from Dave:
WE Are “the Most Arrogant (bar) PUB in the United States of America” “The World” ! ! ! Of 47 bars competing across the U.S….. We sold Over 2,634 Pints of Arrogant Bastard Ale, Double Bastard, Oaked Bastard and Pale Ale in One Week ……. Greg Koch, founder of Stone Brewing Co. Called me Wednesday the 22nd at 8:00 pm to let me know…..what an Arrogant Bastard I was beating out His home ground, Brews of Grandville, OH……I have no idea how close anyone else was to our sales, and frankly I didn't give a CaCa at the time.

Mark ('ll Bastard ) and I do not get a trip to San Diego as we thought. When I asked Greg what's up? He said he's not only an Arrogant Bastard, but a Cheap Bastard as well! We do get a Plaque and Bragging Rights for 365 days to Claim are Bastardship in the World !

Look for Dave Larsen's article w/ Jim Witmer's photos in “GO” this Friday….Pick up a copy, send it to a friend, Email it to someone in the World…Brag on Dayton, Ohio….south of Clayton/Englewood that something Cool is Happening NORTH of Downtown Dayton…..and We've just Begun…..

Special Koszonom Szepen's, to ALL of you ( you know who you are ) who “Showed your Support”, “Did your Part” and “Made a Difference in Dayton”……with-out all you Arrogant Bastard Lovers we could not be Arrogant Bastards.

We will have a Stone Brewery product on draught or Firkin (Cask Conditioned Ale) for the next 365 days. Buy all the 3ltr Bottles of Stone you can this year, re-fills will on the Cheap while we GO for the title Again, the next time around…..
Glad to have done my part (we killed off more than 3 growlers in about 5 days)!

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