Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Notes: Local Beer Groups

Furthering the goal of exploring Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois breweries and brew-related events, I've added a few links to the page. Below are links to the relevant brewer's guilds (as registered with the Brewers Association). These links are great references, listing the names and locations of all member breweries within the state. Note that Ohio doesn't seem to have a guild.

I've included more informal beer guides. Again, not all states have them, and some states are better organized than others. But these sites can be good references for opinions or news that you can't get on the guild sites.

Brewer's Guilds

Beer Guides

BeerAdvocate's BeerFly and RateBeer are also indispensable resources for locating good regional beer.


Nikola Tesla said...

Ohio doesn't have a GUILD as far as I know, but there are several local brewers groups that are recognized by the BJCP. In Dayton there are the Dayton Regional Amateur Fermentation Technologists (D.R.A.F.T.), in Cincinatti there are the Blotarians and there is a group in Columbus as well that I don't recall the name or web address for.

There are a whole lot of brewers in my area (Dayton) but sadly, they don't come to any of the club meetings due to time/life restraints.

KevBrews said...

I need to update my list of local homebrew clubs. Didn't realize DRAFT had a blog now, too. Looks good!

I'm afraid I fall into the group that doesn't make meetings due to time/life constraints (namely a preschooler and an infant!) But I've been to a couple of DRAFT meetings and really enjoyed them.