Saturday, May 26, 2007

Review: Arnold's Bar and Grill

Just a quick note, since it's been forever since I've posted anything.

My wife's sister is getting married in Cincinnati today. Last night, Arnold's Bar and Grill hosted the rehearsal dinner. Arnold's, located on 8th street near Main, is a staple of Cincinnati pubs, having been around since 1848. We ate on the outdoor courtyard and where accompanied by a trumpet, bass, and guitar trio. And although the bar has only about 6 beers on tap, I was able to sample several great local beers, including Barrelhouse's Duveneck's Dortmunder and Christian Moerlein's Over the Rhine Ale.

Barrelhouse has always been a favorite for me, back when Barrelhouse was still a brewpub and hosted bands. Their Dortmunder was clean and crisp. The Christian Moerlein beer suprised me--frankly, I knew the name from my younger years, but didn't think they were still brewing. I was impressed--the OTR Ale had a huge, fruity ester flavor, with a nice caramel malt body.

This dinner wasn't my first time at Arnold's, but each time, I leave impressed. It's a funny little place--parts of it are small and oddly laid out, giving evidence to its organic growth. But the staff is always friendly (and especially accommodating last night, even with such a huge group) and the food is excellent. I would definitely put it on your to do list if you come to Cincy.


Ben said...

Hey Kevin - strange coincidence, I happened to be in Newport, KY (just across the river from Cincy) for a wedding on Saturday, as well. Unfortunately, there weren't any adventurous brews on tap, but we did stay across the road from "The Party Source", which had an impressive number of brews, so I managed to bring home a couple of good bottles. Hope you enjoyed your time in Cincy!

KevBrews said...

Funny--I almost went to the Party Source Saturday morning, too (we were staying downtown, so I wasn't more than about 15 min away), but decided not to schlep down there with the kids.

Did you pick up anything good?