Monday, February 27, 2012

Miami Valley Brewers

In last week's Dayton City Paper, I ran interviews with the heads of the three breweries slated to open in 2012: Toxic Brew, Dayton Beer Company, and Vitruvian Brewing Company. The online version contained some additional questions and answers that didn't fit in the print.

An exciting time to be into craft beer in Dayton. All three breweries were great to work with, and I'm wishing them all a successful launch. Here are a few extra photos that I shot while working on the piece.

Left side of Toxic Brew. See shuffleboard!

Right side of Toxic Brew

Toxic Brew looking out the street

Look for this sign on 5th street in the Oregan District

Brewing system at Dayton Beer Company

Dayton Beer Co. fermentation vessels

These taps will soon flow with Dayton Beer Co. drafts

Tasting room and bar at Dayton Beer Co.

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Have you seen a beerfall?