Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Notes: Fashioning My Brewery

Got a great book for Christmas that will help in the creation of my all-grain home brewery. The book is Brew Ware, by Storey Publishers. I've linked to the Amazon site for the book, too, because Amazon has excerpts.

Interesting things I've read thus far:
• Instructions for creating a tiered brewing structure.

• Instructions for making a carboy drying rack.

• Instructions for making a wooden crate for holding beer bottles.

• I've been having trouble keeping my carboys at a constant temp. The house is too warm, but the basement is too cold. The book suggests immersing the carboy in a tub of water and using an aquarium thermometer to steady the temp.

I'll keep you posted on any projects I make.

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Dionysum said...

can't even through a bone to the guy who bought it for you. after i'll i've done for your blog (see this week's rant and rave)