Tuesday, December 13, 2005

News: Tidbits

A couple of interesting beer reads.

The first is an article about session beers (thanks to Kyle M. for pointing me to this one). For the uninitiated, session beers are flavorful beers that have a low ABV. Thus, in theory at least, you can enjoy many of them in one session.

Also a link to Oskar's Blues Restaurant, a brew pub that has moved to packaging their beers in cans. Before you scoff, note that a New York Times article rated Dale's Pale Ale as the best pale ale in the country. Still waiting to try it myself, although I contacted the brewer and he maintains that their beers will be available in our market around March of ’06.

Note: If you aren't already a member of NY Times or Beer Advocate, you may have to register to read the articles. I'd encourage registration, since both sites are free and have great content.

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