Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Recap: Beer Appreciation Picnic

The first (annual?) Beer Appreciation Summer Picnic was a success! More than thirty of our friends convened at our house to brew beer, drink great beer, eat smoked pork and chix, swelter in the heat, and nearly set ourselves on fire (okay, that last part applies to me only).

We brewed three batches of beer: Scott brewed a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone; Kyle brewed a modified version of a Celis White Beer Clone; and I brewed what I've dubbed KevBrew's Half-Assed Entire Butt Porter, named because brewing a beer and hosting a party simultaneously only allows you to do either half-assed.

Great beer, too! A pony keg of Dogfish Head 60 Min IPA (thanks to Alex @ Belmont Party Supply for the special order). Folks also brought lots of great beers--I recall seeing some Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA, some Avery White Rascal, a bottle of McChouffe, a bottle of Hebrew Genesis 10:10, and a mixed sixer of New Belgium beers.

Lots of kids there! They seemed to have a great time, too. Here are some pics:

A herd of children stampedes across the yard.

Alex explains how he found Jesus.

Elias mauls Kelly.

Elias mauls Liz.

Watch out, Elias is coming to maul you!

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Kelly said...

Hey, do you know it took me 3 days to dry out from the maulings of the notorious ELIAS! Anyway it was some fine beer to appreciate.