Monday, October 30, 2006

Review: New Holland Red Tulip Ale

My friend Kyle is a huge fan of this beer, but for some reason, I've never had an opportunity to try it, or scarcely any other New Holland brews. But now I see what Kyle likes so much. Look for more reviews from this brewery, hopefully very soon!

Brewery: New Holland Brewing Company
Brewery Location: Southwest Michigan
Red Tulip Ale
BJCP Style:
10B. American Amber Ale

A: Low carbonation results in a skimpy head. Body is deep red, almost the color of cherry wood. Slightly murky.

S: Sweet malty aroma; low hops.

T: Big round malt flavor; touches of caramel and fruit, with the slightest hints of smoke, vanilla, and oak. Low hops.

M: Creamy, full; feels prickly on tongue.

D: Wow, this is so much different than most red ales! I had more or less given up on this style, but this beer may have turned me around. Such full flavor. I'll be trying more New Holland beers, and will be looking for this on tap come Spring.

Overall, the folks at BA seem to agree with me, although I seem to be the only one picking up on a vanilla flavor.

As an interesting aside, a portion of the proceeds of this beer goes to support the Holland, Michigan Tulip Festival each spring.

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