Monday, February 05, 2007

Review: Carolina Nut Brown Ale

This nut brown ale is the 4th brew provided by Ben and company at Carolina Nut Brown Ale was the only beer of the seven that those guys sent up that I had had before, although it has admittedly been a while. I went to the company website, looking for more info, but the site doesn't offer much--only that they were founded in 1995 and make three year-long beers (the Nut Brown, a pale ale, and an IPA), as well as a revolving selection of seasonals.

Brewery: Carolina Brewing Company
Brewery Location: Holly Springs (eastern North Carolina)
Nut Brown Ale
BJCP Style:
10C. American Brown Ale

Appearance: pours mahogany, with red highlights, and a thin, white head

Smell: low hops, aroma dominated by crystal and chocolate malts

Taste: somewhat more aggressive than other browns I've tried--some hop bite upfront, then a mellow, malty flavor, with suggestions of coffee and hazelnut; nutty flavor extends through the finish

Mouthfeel: some slickness, suggesting diacetyl; some astringency pricks the tongue

Drinkability: smooth and easy to drink, while more assertive than other browns I've sampled (the Bell's Best Brown Ale, for instance); a tad bit heavy on residual sweetness in the finish

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