Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Review: The Duck-Rabbit Wee Heavy Scotch Style Ale

The guys over at SevenPack.net sent two Duck-Rabbit brews. The wee heavy was the second one I tried (the porter was the first, but it was obviously a bad bottle, so we're skipping over it for the time being). The Duck-Rabbit Brewery, founded by a one-time university philosophy professor, calls itself "the dark beer specialists" and produce nothing lighter in color than than an amber ale. The wee heavy is one of an arsenal of seasonals the brew produces, in addition to their four year-round brews.

Brewery: The Duck-Rabbit Brewery
Brewery Location: Farmville (eastern North Carolina)
Wee Heavy Scotch Style Ale
BJCP Style:
9E. Strong Scotch Ale

Appearance: beautiful, frothy caramel head; held to light, brew is red-brown in coloring

Smell: Wow--great aroma! Lots of barley and peat, with some alcohol and caramel

Taste: the first sip is aggressive, with a fullness, a maltiness that teeters toward excess, but at the last minute, slides back to be well-balanced; hints of peat and brown sugar in caramelized malt--very dessert-like, but not cloying on the finish

Mouthfeel: Full, pleasant carbonation, with a mouthfeel similar to Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale

Drinkability: This beer would age extremely well, provided I could keep it in the fridge long enough. One of my favorites from the NC series.

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