Friday, March 09, 2007

Review: Resi's Bierstube

Nope, I haven't quit drinking and I'm not dead, but it has been a busy time personally, so forgive the lack of posts. Lots to catch up on.

I'll start with a recent trip to Chicago. I was out in Evanston on business, but was able to meet up with my friend Larry, who is very active on the local literary scene. We hit Resi's Bierstube for dinner, mainly because his borther-in-law (Sonny) works there and because I'd heard much about it.

Resi's is one of the last remaining German biergardens in Chicago. Before my trip, I had read a review that stated that Resi's was like a German VFW hall. Can't agree more. The decor isn't much, but this place is still a find. If you like big, hearty Eastern European fare, as well as a wide selection of German brews, this is the place.

I tried a BBK, which I had never heard of. The bartender described it as a German pils, although the beer itself was too sweet and not crisp enough to be a pils. BeerAdvocate lists a BBK Dortmunder, which might be the same beer I tried. Either way, it was pleasant enough, but not something I'd get again.

I would, however, order the Aventinus I had as my second choice again. And again. And again. This beer was big and malty--very tasty. However, if I ever make it back to Resi's, it'll be tough to limit myself to just the beers I've had before. There were about 25 beers on the list, all authentically German or microbrews true to German styles. Very impressive beer list.

And the food was terrific, too. The picture isn't much to look at, but I had Knackwurst, with kraut and German potato salad. Delicious. Made my German heritage proud!

I've heard Resi's is even more spectacular when it's warm enough that you can sit out in the actual biergarden. That may be true, but I'd eagerly head back any time of the year.

The details:
Resi's Bierstube
2034 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, Illinois, 60618

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Kelly said...

Is that the one in Lincoln Square? I love that neighborhood. Had I known you were there I would have had you run across the street for the best dessert/pastry shop in the city.

Maybe I'll hit it up this week when in town, since I never made it before.