Thursday, April 19, 2007


UPDATE (4/21/07): Word from the Beer Advocate forum is that the bill has been withdrawn! Thanks to everyone who contacted their Representatives. The Cleveland Plain Dealer also covered the story.

I just received the following email from the
Brewer's Association. Apparently, Ohio HB 119 contains language that would limit the distribution of craft beer so that brewpubs were required to sell through a wholesaler. I had trouble isolating the exact language in the proposed bill, but I sent an email to my Rep, John Husted, (using the link in the email below) to urge him to avoid passing any law that would limit distribution for the growing craft brew industry. I noted that Ohio's economy is in transition, now that there are many fewer manufacturing jobs, and pointed out the ludicrously of legislation that would essentially crush a growing market sector.

736 Pearl Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302 USA

Dear Beer Activists:

Ohio House Bill 119 contains provisions which would take away the rights of brewers to self distribute their beers and sell direct to consumers, mandating that the beer must move through a wholesaler.

This is an extremely serious threat to all Ohio breweries, but particularly to those brewing such small amounts of beer that there is no interest by wholesalers to distribute the brands and for brewpubs.

This legislation may mean that brewpubs would no longer be able to operate in the state of Ohio.

We understand that this bill will be amended into the general budget bill and may be voted on tomorrow, Friday April 20th. Please don’t delay - contact your state legislators and let them know of your concerns.

To find out who your legislators are go to:

Time is extremely tight – call or email immediately!

Thanks for your support in protecting Ohio’s brewers and beer consumers.

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