Sunday, January 17, 2010

Belgian Beer Review 3: Dupont Foret

Dinner with friends and beer folk led to some Belgian tastings. Trip to Whole Paycheck earlier in the day yielded this Dupont offering, an organic and greenly-produced saison. Hadn't seen it before and was seduced by the label art. Dupont is traditionally solid and I thought it would pair well with the kielbasa stew on the menu.

Brewery: Brasserie Dupont
Brewery Location: Belgium
Beer: Foret (as of this posting, no page specifically for this beer)
BJCP Style: 16C. Saison
Serving: Bottle

Appearance: straw yellow with big fluffy white head; huge head

Smell: immediately hit with skunk and funk. The curse of the green bottle plus the underlying saison funk means this beer smells an awful lot like Heine (both arse and green-bottled swill)

Taste: slightly skunked, some farmhouse funk, golden in flavor. The skunk is less pronounced in the taste, which settles into a likable saison--refreshing, herbal and earthy, with some mild Brett

Mouthfeel: carbonation upfront, smooth and refreshing

Drinkability: A shame that this is skunked because this could be a really enjoyable beer--refreshing and easy to put this away. Drawn in by the organic labelling but wish that Whole Foods took better care of their beers. At nearly $10 a bottle, one expects better. And Dupont, green bottles? Really?


Nikola Tesla said...

this is very unfortunate. I promise you that when the bottle is not skunked, this is one of the best Saison's money can buy.

KevBrews said...

Do you guys carry it at Belmont? I'd rather buy my beer there anyway, since it's generally better taken care of, but I don't recall seeing it there.

Doug said...

I had this beer on tap (Wayne, PA @ Teresa's) and so I think I avoided this skunking issue. I absolutely loved this beer. It's everything I want in a belgian of its color and style.