Sunday, January 17, 2010

Review: Nicholson's Tavern and Pub

My sister's birthday found us at Nicholson's, in the theater district of downtown Cincy. Nicholson's is a Scottish pub, owned by Tavern Restaurant Group, the same folks who run The Pub, in Beavercreek. The bar caters to the theater crowd, which translates into mediocre service until curtain call, then an empty pub after that.

TRG pubs tend to be big on theme, which comes across a little Disney. However, redeeming is that TRG pubs seem to have exclusive deals with BrewDog, the Dogfish Head of Scotland. Although initially disappointed at the lack of a cask ale, turns out there were bottles of Bashah (the Stone and BrewDog collaboration.) And a little persistance turned up a hidden stash--snifters of Paradox Springbank and Paradox Smokehead. Both were incredible--and progressingly nicely from the Basha to the Smokehead. The Smokehead epitomizes the mix of a peaty single malt and a huge Russian Imperial stout.

If you hit Nicholson's, either pre-order (they'll have your drink waiting and you'll have your meal and check before the show starts) or go after the theater rush. Skip the menu and push for the BrewDog, except maybe to nightcap with one of the 20+ single malts available.

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