Friday, April 19, 2013

Session Beers

After years of going big, craft beer seems to be going small. I don't mean the threat of the imploding craft bubble (although my friend Dave has a couple of good write-ups here and here about that topic). No, I mean session beers--those beers which, to paraphrase a slogan, you have when you are having more than one.

I have a piece on the Dayton City Paper on this topic this week, available online here. Several local options available for the sub 5% beers.

Avril is Belgium's answer to
session beers.
I also sent a copy of the article to Lew Bryson, who I quoted in the article and who runs the Session Beer Project blog. After a gentle chiding about including beers up to 5% ABV (Lew is a strong proponent at capping the category at 4.5% ABV, but others shoot for 5% and I was trying to be inclusive), he turned me onto a new brewery out of Massachusetts called Notch. They only brew session beers and the beers are now available in bottles. I've yet to try one, but am hoping to have one of my East Coast friends send me some (when things settle down out there, of course). 

Also, try the Avril by DuPont. They have it at Belmont Party Supply. I mention it in my article. It's only 3.5% but damn tasty. Proof that a small beer can be rewarding.

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