Thursday, April 11, 2013

Warped Wing brewery to open downtown Dayton

Joe Waizmann, AleFest founder, and three partners will be opening a brewery in the old Foundry building in downtown Dayton. Mark Fisher at DDN has the full scoop. Joe is a great guy who knows beer, so I anticipate solid beers from these guys.

John Haggerty, who was the Head Brewer of New Holland, will be brewing the beers. John brings a ton of commercial experience, with a decade at New Holland and years of experience with regional breweries before that.

Waizmann explains that "the name appeals to both the historical as well as the cool and edgy." Wing warping was the technology the Wright Brothers pioneered enable controlled powered flight. Personally, I am looking forward to my first pint of Warped IPA.

Dayton is on the verge of a craft beer explosion. Not only do we have a slew of great craft bars, but it looks like we'll have a slew of our locally produced beers, too. Waizmann notes, "these are exciting times for craft beer people in Dayton and we are excited to be contributing to the culture."

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