Thursday, January 04, 2007

Notes: Beer Laws By State

I was dismayed recently when reminded that here in Ohio, we can't buy beers that exceed 12% ABV (which explains why I can't find DFH 120 min IPA anywhere). Curious, I did a little research into beer laws in other states and found an excellent Wikipedia article that lists the laws by state. The table is still a work in progress, but it gives a decent overview. It also links to a site with a comprehensive list of state alcoholic beverage and/or liquor control agencies.

In addition, I stumbled upon the list of beers approved for sale within the last six to nine months for the state of Ohio. I believe the list is published several times a year. It's interesting to scan through and I wonder if there's a comprehensive list of beers approved for sale here. It would make a great start to a wish list!

Finally, in a slightly related note, it looks like Indiana auctions off all of the confiscated liquor at the end of the year. The complete list is quite impressive. I wonder if other states do the same.


Nikola Tesla said...

now THAT is some good information to have, that list of approved items is really nifty. It's also interesting to know that the state of Indiana doesn't know how to spell the best selling vodka's name (Kamchatka spelled as camchatka).

KevBrews said...

By now, most of the beers on the list must already be on the shelves, but I'm eager to see the next list--I imagine it will give some hints into new beers coming out.

Wörtwurst said...

That's literally amazing. I need to get Jolly Pumpkin and Ron Jeffries confiscated so I can have them at my disposal.