Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Review: Cottonwood Endo IPA

Installment number 3 of the beers provided by Ben and company at Carolina Beer and Beverage Company's stated goal is to become "the premier regional brewery of the Southeast," taking on Budmillcoors. To that end, the brewery offers a Carolina blonde and a Carolina Light, as well as their Cottonwood ale series, to which group today's beer belongs. In addition to the Endo IPA, the Cottonwood series includes a brown ale, and a set of seasonal high-gravity beers. Not surprisingly, the Cottonwood series tends to be more the favorite of the BeerAdvocate crowd.

A note about the name: according to the company website, the Cottonwood Endo IPA was brewed in dedication to the Cottonwood Mountain Bike Race Team ("endo" being a cycling term for flipping over one's handlebars)

Brewery: Carolina Beer & Beverage Company
Brewery Location: Mooresville (western North Carolina)
Cottonwood Endo IPA
BJCP Style:
14B. American IPA

Appearance: clear amber body, with a thick head

Smell: nice citrus (Cascade) hop aroma, with mild malt aroma as it warms

Taste: big hops balance well with dry malt character; hop flavor is bright, clean, and citrusy, making the beer crisp, without being overwhelmed by hops, with a dry hop finish

Mouthfeel: mild, very pleasant carbonation that accentuates the beer's hoppiness

Drinkability: Heavily hopped, yet extremely well-balanced--contrary to the name, this beer won't send you headfirst over the handlebars. Very pleasurable, very drinkable--could be a decent session beer.

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