Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Brewing: Bison IPA to start the new year

Monday I got together with a few other dads from our kids' school to show them how to brew. I wanted something that was straightforward, something that would be tasty but not too technical.

I opted for a West Coast style IPA. The recipe was an extract plus grains, with the excessive 2 row simply because I had it laying around:

8 lbs liquid extra pale malt
2 lbs 2-row pale malt
1 lb Crystal 60
1 oz Citra (13.6 AA) @ 60 min
1 oz Cascade (5.6 AA) @ 30 min
1 oz Cascade (5.6 AA) @ 1 min
Wyeast WLP041 Pacific Ale Yeast with Malta starter
Full boil, immersion chilled

Brew went off fairly smoothly. Forgot that pellets would clog the stainless steel chore boy I use as a filter, so I had to fish that out post-chill.

Also didn't realize that this yeast had such a long freakin' lag phase. Nearly 24 hrs, which would normally have me panicked except that the White Labs forum has tons of accounts of slow starts.

Bubbling away now. Will move to secondary in two weeks. Thinking about siphoning some off to age on bourbon soaked wood chips.

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Mike said...

sounds delish