Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dayton Beer Company

Big day for beer in the Miami Valley! Mark Fisher at the Dayton Daily News just posted about the soon-to-be opened Dayton Beer Company. Great news for me, as it'll be in Kettering, about a mile from the house!

As Mark Fisher reports:

When up and running, the Dayton Beer Company will sell craft beers such as pale ale, blond ale, porter and hefeweizen for retail. The label on each type of beer celebrates aspects of Dayton’s heritage, such as Inventors IPA and Patterson Pale Ale, named for NCR founder John Patterson.

“We want Dayton to be proud of its history and to give Daytonians a product they could call their own,” said Hilgeman, a 2005 Alter High School graduate who holds a marketing and international business degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Can't wait! Last spring, I wrote an article musing whether we would see locally produced beer again. Toxic Brewing Company should be opening later this year downtown, Vitruvian Brewing Company in Yellow Springs, and now Dayton Beer Company, it looks like the drought may be ending.

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